Washing Instructions For Your New Towels

Washing Instructions for NEW Towels

The following information has been supplied by Cleveland Chemicals P/L to assist you with the laundering of NEW towels

White Towels, 100% Cotton.

When 100% cotton WHITE Towels are manufactured, an “optical brightener” (O.B.) is used to maintain the “white look” during storage prior to being used.
Therefore, it is important to launder such products correctly during the first few washes.
If you warm-wash (not hotter than 60°C) these products using normal laundry detergents, which also contain “optical brightener”, the double-dose of O.B. is likely to cause, on some occasions, yellow shadows to be evident on such fabrics.
To avoid this dilemma it is advisable to wash all new 100% cotton white towels AT LEAST ONCE, but preferably twice, in CLEAN WATER with NO DETERGENT WHATSOEVER.
Sometimes, even this procedure may not remove excess O.B. In such cases simply wash a few more times in clean water without detergent.
Tumble-drying should be undertaken at Medium Heat (no higher than 60°C, ) PLUS a 10 minute cool-down cycle.

Dyed (Coloured) Towels

NEW coloured towels should be handled in the same manner i.e. the first two washes should be in clean water with no detergents. However, ADD one cup of salt in these initial washes to make the towels “colour-fast”.
After this, wash in the normal manner using the recommended laundering chemicals.
Please remember that with darker coloured towels, like Navy, Burgundy, Dark Green, etc., you must expect some colour loss during the first few washes.

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