Assorted Products

Tea Towels

Hallmark Tea Towels

Hallmark Tea Towels

Jumbo Large Cotton Check (Code 70017)
Small Cotton Check (Code 70015)
Heavy Duty Linen and Cotton (code 70005)

Laundry Bags

Laundry Bags

Laundry Bags

Heavy duty Polyester with Draw Cord Tops and “Lock-Tite” Closures
Available in White, Blue, Green, Yellow and Red (Code 90256)

Tontine Continental Quilt

Tontine Doona

Tontine Doona

Single  140 x 210cm (code 17305)
King Single 165 x 210 (code 17309)
Double  180 x 210cm (code 17306)
Queen  210 x 210cm (code 17307)
King  240 x 210cm (code 17308)

Features: This quilt has square corners for rapid quilt cover fitting and quality pure cotton cover designed to shrink less than 5% during washing. The 20cm wide wavy quilt pattern also helps fibre stability during commercial washing. Well filled with Sanitizes treated high loft polyester fibre. Fully overlocked to enhance their strength and prevent unravelling during commercial washing. Only retains 5% of its own weight when wet, which means easier to wash and quicker to dry. 2 1/2 to 3 blanket weight, great for all year round weather.

Hallmark Microfibre Luxury Cover with 340gsm Microfibre Filling, Box Quilted and Double Stitched with Self Piping

Single  140 x 210cm (code 17315)
Double  180 x 210cm (code 17316)
Queen  210 x 210cm (code 17317)
King  245 x 210cm (code 17318)

Features: luxury microfibre cover. 340gsm microfibre filling. 3 to 3.2 blanket weight great for colder climates. Box quilted so the filling will stay in pockets. Double stitched with self piping for commercial laundering. Feels like a feather & down quilt but is allergy free and low maintenance.

Feather and Down Cassette Construction Quilts

Most Feather and Down Quilt Constructions Available on request! Our most popular are 50/50 Feather and Down, or 85/15 Feather and Down
Single  140 x 210cm
Double  148 x 210cm
Queen  210 x 210cm
King  240 x 210cm


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