Sheeting Specials

Please note: Products listed on this page (Sheeting Specials) are non-returnable items, unless a authorisation number is obtained from North Shore Trading in special circumstances. Items may already be sold.

Jademark Polyester and Cotton White Sheets and Pillowcases. 165gsm
Double, flat @ $12.90ea
Double, fitted @ $12.96ea

Hallmark 100% Cotton Sheets, White
Queen, flat @ $14.00ea

“Vines” 25% Polyester 75% Cotton Sheets, White
Queen, flat @ $14.90ea

Lightweight Jademark Polyester and Cotton Sky Blue Sheets
Single, flat @ $11.90ea
Single, fitted @ $11.90ea

Hallmark 50/50 Polyester and Cotton Sheets. 165gsm
Single, fitted, blue @ $10.00ea
Queen, flat, peach @ $16.90ea
King, flat, orchid pink @ $16.90ea

10% GST to be added to above prices

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