Assorted Products Specials

Please note: Products listed on this page (Assorted Products) are non-returnable items, unless a authorisation number is obtained from North Shore Trading in special circumstances. Items may already be sold.

Nylon Taffeta Shower Curtains
Cream 125 x 180cm @ $10.00ea
Forest 125 x 180cm @ $10.00ea
Forest 180 x 180cm @ $10.00ea
Sage 180 x 180cm @ $10.00ea
Peach 180 x 180cm @ $10.00ea 
Blue 180 x 180cm @ $10.00ea
Cream 180 x 213cm @ $15.00ea
Blue 180 x 213cm @ $15.00ea
White 180 x 213cm @ $15.00ea

Hallmark Box Stripe Shower Curtains
White, weighted 180 x 210cm @ $8.00ea
White, unweighted 180 x 180cm @ $10.00ea

Hallmark Micro Quilted Knee Rugs
Assorted Colours 100 x 140cm @ $4.00ea

10% GST to be added to above prices

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