Hallmark Micro Quilted Bedspreads

Hallmark Micro-Quilted bedspreads are fantastic if you’re looking for an extremely durable and light weight bedspread. Light weight is a bonus for washing and drying, also for the warmer climates. They are made from 100% easy care knitted jersey polyester, hence why the bedspreads are known in the market place as being extremely durable. Also, because they are 100% polyester, you won’t ever have to worry about colour fading!
As our bedspreads are made here in Australia, we are able to custom make the drops and style to suit your establishment. Standard drop sizes are 45cm and 52cm.

Mariko Emerald

Nebula Celadon

Montage Mauve

Montage Sage

Picasso Quartz

Shalimar Autumn

Shalimar Blue

Tulip Rose

Ivy Beige/Rose

Jungle Blue

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